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Employer Testimonials

With the rising scarcity of resources and talent, our world is facing greater challenges. This is where SUSS students are developed to create a positive and sustainable impact on businesses, communities and the world, to build a purpose-driven future.

Hear from those who have worked with some of our students and graduates — from internships to work attachments to permanent employment.

ActiveSG (Sport Singapore)

Fayeruz Surahman (SUSS Communications Studies and English Language alumnus) is an articulate communicator and strategic thinker who can develop concepts and strategies to deal with complex problems, such as social issues. When we were developing the Community of Care scheme to encourage and enlist social service agencies to use sports as part of their solutions, he expanded the idea by considering the different agencies' needs so that the scheme would be useful to a broader range of stakeholders.

For that, I think SUSS is able to develop thinkers and doers who are in touch with the ground.

- Kerk Kim Por, Head, Central Programme Office, ActiveSG (Sport Singapore)


It is more than just an academic pursuit at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Its comprehensive curriculum grooms students to be selfless and take pride in giving back to the community.

SUSS programmes and courses have definitely equipped their students well in Data Analytics, as their knowledge has shortened the learning curve and allowed them to perform the assigned tasks quickly.

- Poh Ju Peng, Assistant Vice President, Head, Data Science, Certis

Seagate Technology

SUSS students display professional work attitudes and have a growth mindset for further learning in different aspects of work. They are fast learners who adapt quickly to changes and offer fresh ideas and feedback to improve processes continuously. They collaborate well with key stakeholders in cross-functional projects. Not only are they highly communicative and versatile in engaging colleagues and upper management, but they are also very open and receptive to feedback.

SUSS has provided us with strong support during our tailored internship and development programmes for their students. There are interim meetings to discuss students' internship performance and feedback on the programmes. These sessions are helpful as the feedback can be incorporated into our future internship programmes with the university.

- Ken Lim, University Relations Programme Lead, Seagate Technology

CA Practice PAC

SUSS students who have interned with us are keen to learn beyond the books and apply their practical knowledge in the audit and bookkeeping services that we provide to our clients. They are inquisitive and meticulous, and have shown competence in delivering quality work and meeting expectations.

We have been working proactively with SUSS' Career Development Office for internship programmes.  We will continue doing so as SUSS produces highly-skilled students, emphasising putting theories into practice.

- Derrick Kew, Manager, Tax & Advisory, CA Practice PA

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