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Learn more from our students on how university life at SUSS has broadened their perspectives as they challenge themselves by gaining new skills and pursuing new opportunities. These experiences have helped them to grow in confidence while making their studies meaningful and vibrant.

Kok Xiu Wen

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor in Special Education | 2018 intake

I have been lucky to meet good teachers. They encouraged and supported me through difficult times and my growth as an individual. In particular, my civics tutor at Victoria Junior College went the extra mile for me. Beyond academic pursuits, her guidance and efforts made me a stronger and more confident person. Her positive impact shaped my choice to also be an educator.

I have always loved being with children. Through my mother, a preschool teacher, and my work and volunteer experiences, I discovered the significance of the early years in a child’s development, and the joy and challenges the education sector brings. Knowing that I can do meaningful work and impact the sector’s future development, my interest in early childhood education (ECE) grew.

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Goh Zhen Han

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor in Analytics | 2019 intake

Ask me about my dreams, and I would have told you a different story a few years ago. It is incredible how education can pivot one’s life choices. During the early years of my education at Temasek Polytechnic, I had my mind set on pursuing an Accounting Degree and a career with one of the Big Fours. As I continued to open myself to learning, I was introduced to the world of supply chain through Logistics and Operation Management studies – one of the course modules in my Business Diploma. I was intrigued by the intricacies of supply chain optimisation, and because I was also running a startup then, I was able to apply the concepts I learnt and witness them play out in the real business world. My interest in supply chain management was piqued!

With clear goals in mind, I shortlisted and evaluated my university options based on the logistics and operations management related majors the universities offer and the reputation of each of their programmes, including a detailed study of their course structures, curriculum, and modules.

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Lee Zi Xin

Bachelor of Public Safety and Security with Minor | 2020 intake

Through understanding the issues and threats society is facing, as well as serving the community, public safety and security undergraduate, Lee Zi Xin, wants to help enhance Singapore’s safety, security and well-being.

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