Data Visualisation for Decision Making


Calling all JC and Poly students! Have you ever wondered how a seminar is conducted in SUSS? Organised by the SUSS School of Business (SBIZ) Business Analytics Programme, the Data Visualisation for Decision Making seminar allows you to gain this unique experience.

Attendees will receive:

Join us now on 28 Jun 2019 (Friday) from 9.00am to 12.30pm at SUSS! Hurry, limited seats available! 

Registration opens from 31 May 2019 (Friday) to 21 Jun 2019 (Friday).


Topics of the seminar include:

  • visualisation for various data types,
  • creating charts using Tableau,
  • learning dashboard design principles,
  • introduction to various types of dashboards, and 
  • creating a dashboard using Tableau in a business context.

Note: A laptop is required as installation of Tableau will be needed to facilitate the learning. 

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