Children's Rights in Early Childhood Education By Dr Larry Prochner


Equity in Early Education Speaker Series

The Equity in Early Education speaker series is created for a broad audience of educators, other professionals and interested members of the public.  The series complements the practitioner workshops that we have been creating with an intentionally diverse range of topics to create greater awareness of how early childhood education provision has multiple histories and enduring debates around the world about what counts as quality.  All educational systems continue to improve its care and education of its youngest citizens through strategic policies and practices that adapt to the changing needs of societies. This is why ongoing discussion is important for systems to learn from one another, and for professionals across different child-related sectors to broaden their perspectives, to work together in the best interest of young children, in partnership with their families.

The format for each event in this series comprises: 1) a keynote address, followed by 2) a panel of experts who will respond to the keynote address, and 3) together with the speaker, panellists will answer questions from the audience.

Children's Rights in Early Childhood Education By Dr Larry Prochner

Using the background of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Larry Prochner explores what it means for early childhood teaching to understand children as citizens with rights contributing to life in their classroom, school, and the larger community. Beyond basic needs, children's rights include participating in democratic dialogue and decision-making processes in their learning.


Dr Larry ProchnerDr Larry Prochner
Professor of Early Childhood Education and Head of the Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta, Canada

His research examines the historical, comparative, and international dimensions of teaching and curriculum in early education. He has published 13 books, including Teacher Education in Diverse Settings: Making Space for Intersecting Worldviews. Dr Prochner is Vice-President of the International Froebel Society, which promotes child-centred kindergarten and early education worldwide.

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