Financial Planning Workshop: Understanding Bonds

About the Event

Learn about types of bonds, their features, benefits and risks of bond investing. Understand credit ratings, the relationship between bond prices, interest rates and yields and learn about the Singapore Savings Bonds.

  • Characteristics of bonds
  • Types of bonds
  • Benefits and risks of bond investing
  • Assess risk and return of a bond and more


Tan Swee Chiew

Swee Chiew has more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry and has worked with corporate clients helping them in corporate fund raising, trade finance, cash management, and managing financial risks.


Student FeeFree

Event Highlights

112 students turned up on Zoom on 24 February, Wednesday night, excited to learn more about Financial Planning – Understanding Bonds.

The workshop was run by Tan Swee Chiew who is from Institute of Financial Literacy (IFL) and have years of experience in the banking industry and was keen to share his knowledge on how to manage your money.

Swee Chiew gave tips to the participants on how to diversify their portfolio through bond investing to achieve their financial goals.

He spoke at length on safer bonds such as Singapore Savings Bonds and later expanded on Corporate Bonds, Perpetual Securities and ETFs during the workshop. The main features of the bonds were also shared to determine who it may be best suited in terms of their risk appetite.

Since buying bonds may come with risks, participants were reminded to research on the insurer and the profitability of the business they are interested in. The research will then allow the interested parties to decide in the end, if the returns are enough to compensate for the risks taken.

Towards the last 10 minutes, Swee Chiew rounded up the workshop and did a Q&A with the keen participants who had a fulfilling Wednesday evening.

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