Just Justice Talk

Restorative Practices for Children in India

Just Justice Talk: Restorative Practices for Children in India


We are pleased to cordially invite you to attend the fourth and final instalment of Just Justice Talk (JJT), a virtual conversation platform to discuss topics surrounding Restorative Justice. This session will cover the topic of “Restorative Practices for Children in India: Nurturing Relationships”.

In collaboration between the Governors State University in Chicago and the Singapore University of Social Sciences, this student-led initiative aims to create a space for students, academics, and practitioners from around the world to engage in an informal conversation on Restorative Justice.

Join us on December 3, 2021, with our speaker Ms. Arti Mohan, a Restorative Justice Program Officer at Counsel to Secure Justice. She will discuss with us how restorative justice is used for children in India. She will also share her work with juvenile offenders from various backgrounds, as well as how she involved the various stakeholders to nurture relationships that would support the children's post-release reintegration.

Our Speaker

Arti is a former lawyer who has represented children who've been abused in court. In her current role as Restorative Justice Program Officer at Counsel to Secure Justice, Arti works on designing and implementing restorative processes and spaces for adults and children.

The fourth JJT session will be held on December 3rd, 2021 at the respective timings:

  • 8.00am - Chicago, Illinois USA
  • 3.00pm - Milan, Italy
  • 10.00am - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 6.30pm - New Delhi, India
  • 6.45pm - Nepal
  • 9.00pm – Singapore/Macau

On behalf of the JJT team, we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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