Let's Talk Business 2021 - Seminar 1 Sustainability: What’s trending?

Let's Talk Business


A buzzword that has been around from years back, renewed emphasis has been placed on this much maligned word. A combination of famous personalities on both sides of the agenda, the ubiquitous wealth of knowledge available o the internet, and the ravages of COVID-19 have seen businesses and consumers alike place a greater spotlight on it.

As consumers reassess the impact of their consumption on the world, there is a rising need to hold themselves and others accountable for positive change. How are businesses responding? See the latest trends and creative ways that brands have responded and be inspired to do the same for your business too.


Sean Lee

Sean Lee
Consultant, Kantar Consulting

Sean is a consultant from the consulting division of Kantar, specializing in the Futures and Innovation strategy practice. Dealing with the future keeps him updated on the trends, consumer sentiment and macro environmental forces that will shape the future for businesses; and his job is transforming this knowledge into actionable strategies for his clients to stay ahead of the curve.

His 4 years of experience in Kantar sees him work with a diverse portfolio of future-thinking clients consisting of Facebook, Nestle, Visa, Pernod Ricard, Google, UOB, Kraft Heinz, Bose, Beam Suntory, Heineken, P&G and Unilever. He also has publications in academic conference papers, journals and a book chapter all in the research area of A.I and new technologies.

Sean holds a Masters degree in Business Management from the National University of Singapore.

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