First Batch Of Graduates From Singapore's 4th University

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and SIM University (UniSIM) will be holding their joint certificate and diploma graduation ceremony for 619 students on Friday, 26 May 2006. At the ceremony, about 450 part-time learners will be in the first cohort to receive diplomas, graduate diplomas and specialist diplomas from Singapore's 4th and newest university. The rest are full time students who will graduate with SIM qualifications. 

Two UniSIM diploma graduates share their learning experience. 

GDHRM programme helped Ms Nina Zafar, 30, clinch dream job in Prime Minister’s Office 

Armed with a business degree from NUS, Ms Nina Zafar worked freelance for almost six years so that she could be a full-time mother to her two children. When her younger child had grown older, she decided to pursue the Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (GDHRM) programme at UniSIM last year with the aim of embarking on a career in human resource. She applied successfully for a scholarship with MENDAKI for this course, and has not looked back since. 

"I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to pursue this programme. Not only did it bring me in contact with a wide network of HR professionals, but it also equipped me with the latest knowledge and skills, and helped me clinch a career in strategic HRM. In fact, in UniSIM’s short existence, it has become arguably the most ideal university for working adults in Singapore. I’m happy that UniSIM has finally closed the gap for high quality education for working adults like myself," said a delighted Ms Nina Zafar, the Gold award winner in her programme. 

Her job as a Research Analyst at the Public Service Division in the Prime Minister's Office requires her to participate in the shaping of HR policies for the Singapore civil service, and she is grateful that the GDHRM has prepared her for this challenging position. 


GDBA programme imparted business knowledge to engineering graduate 

Mr Wong Tuck Wai, 33, has worked in the information technology industry for almost eight years since graduating from NTU with an honours degree in electrical engineering. Through his work, he realized the need to acquire knowledge in non-technical areas to grow as a 'well-rounded' technical professional. 

He decided to pursue UniSIM's Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (GDBA) programme. "The UniSIM GDBA offered me knowledge and insight for the business aspects of my work, and has enriched my work life immensely," said Mr Wong, who is a Business System Analyst with Cisco Systems (USA). "Having studied and enjoyed myself, I will definitely return to UniSIM to continue the next learning journey. UniSIM is the university of choice for anyone pursuing a lifelong learning lifestyle," said Mr Wong, who bagged the Silver award in his programme. He hopes to pursue an MBA next. 

Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SIM University, will preside at the Certificate and Diploma graduation ceremony. 

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