One Step Closer To Achieving Their Dreams

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and SIM University (UniSIM) will be holding their joint certificate and diploma graduation ceremony for more than 500 students on 27 October. Three diploma graduates share how their studies at SIM brought them closer to achieving their dreams. 


Diploma Studies - A Stepping Stone for Gold-Award Winner 

The completion of the Diploma in Management Studies marks a new beginning for Gold-Award winner Mr Tang Fook Seng, 31, to upgrade further and achieve his dream of working in the accounting field in the future. "The diploma programme at SIM covers a wide spectrum of essential topics that will be very useful for me, regardless of whether I am pursuing my degree or applying it in my future work," said Fook Seng. 

Fook Seng gives credit to the conducive learning environment and wonderful lecturers at SIM for his success in the programme. He spoke fondly of how his lecturers conducted lessons in an enriching and enjoyable way, helping to reduce the stress in class during the final semester. He enjoyed his learning experience so much that he is now pursuing his degree in accounting and finance at SIM. 


An Alternate Education Route 

Mr Chad Ashley Pereira, 22, took the alternate route to upgrade his studies. In 2001, he was studying at a local polytechnic, but had to drop out halfway. After national service, he researched extensively for available courses, and decided to pursue SIM's Diploma in Management Studies in 2005. 

"The topics in this particular curriculum offered by SIM are both applicable and beneficial to my career path. Most importantly, this diploma affords me a fast track to a degree from University of London (UOL)," said Chad who aspires to work in his father's oil-refining company after getting his degree. Despite his previous failed attempt in studies, Chad motivated himself to be disciplined and industrious. His determination has finally reaped results as he will graduate with a Certificate of Commendation on 27 October. As planned, Chad will pursue UOL's degree in banking and finance at SIM. 

A Global Education for Graduate from Mauritius 

Twenty-year old Ms Ramkorun Anisha of Mauritius decided to study at SIM after reading about the institute's achievements and positive feedback. Taking up the Diploma in Management Studies was an obvious choice for her, as she felt that the skills gained would be readily applicable in the competitive business world.

"The diploma course has helped me develop better communication skills and increased my confidence in making public presentations. It broadened my mind and provided me with knowledge on how global business operates. Furthermore, I will be exempted from certain subjects when I embark on my degree studies with the University of London (UOL) after graduation. This allows me to make full use of the time saved to prepare and excel in my degree programme," said Ramkorun, the Silver-Award winner in her diploma course. The learning experience at SIM has been a very enjoyable one for Ramkorun as she got to know many classmates from various parts of the world with different languages and cultures. She is currently pursuing the UOL degree in accounting and finance at SIM. 


Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SIM University, will preside at the Certificate and Diploma graduation ceremony. 

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