Proud Of A Singaporean Degree

​Singaporeans from different walks of life star in SIM University’s new student recruitment campaign, which kicked off in The Straits Times in the lead up to National Day. Spouses, parents, civil servants, working professionals have jumped at the opportunity to gain degrees conferred by Singapore's latest university.

In the past, working professionals who wanted to undertake part-time study to upgrade their qualifications had limited options in local universities and many could only find relevant programmes by foreign universities conducted locally. This changed when the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) was granted the approval by the Ministry of Education to set up its own university - SIM University (UniSIM). UniSIM has effectively opened up upgrading pathways for thousands of working professionals from both the public and private sectors across industries with a growing range of close to 60 academic programmes on offer.

"This latest campaign breathes life into the 'U Unlimited' positioning," explains Jenny Bigio, CEO of brand communicators Write Angles, who created the identity and visual world for the university as well as the brand and tactical advertising. "Each advertisement focuses on an individual UniSIM student who shares dreams and shows that UniSIM’s flexible learning system lets them balance study with career, family and social life. They are living without limits."

The opportunity to earn a Singapore-conferred degree has been a big draw for 75% of the students who were originally enrolled in the former SIM Open University Centre (SIM-OUC) when UniSIM took over last year.

One such student is George Vijoo, who initiated his studies with SIM-OUC, and was featured in the new campaign.

When contacted by the UniSIM administration last September, Vijoo chose to graduate with a UniSIM degree. "I am proud to receive a Singapore education and be among the first to be awarded a UniSIM degree. Singapore education is well respected worldwide and I have great confidence in UniSIM," enthused the 41 year-old father of two. Armed with a BSc in Psychology, he is putting his new skills to good use, managing a home for young adults.

"Vijoo, Azrol, Merlinda and Siew Ching are among the students who have demonstrated the benefits of a UniSIM education," avows Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of UniSIM, about the university's advertisement stars. "By pursuing their dreams while living life to the fullest, at their chosen pace, they embody the uniqueness and diversity of our offerings that make UniSIM truly different."

"By offering flexible and open modular learning designed to meet individual requirements, we have effectively removed barriers of time, place and pace that usually prevent attendance at traditional universities. We are successfully extending access to university education to many who would not otherwise have had the opportunity or financial means to study part-time for their degrees at a local university," said Professor Cheong.

The campaign will run in the national TV, radio, press, Adshel posters and MRT in-train panels. UniSIM is also running a competition with Zocards. 

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