SAF, UniSIM Establish Strategic Partnership On Continuing Education


The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and SIM University (UniSIM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Partnership on Continuing Education at the SAFTI Military Institute this morning. 

The MOU signifies a milestone in SAF-UniSIM cooperation to support continuing education for SAF personnel. Speaking at the ceremony, Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant-General.

Desmond Kuek said: "As a platform for the SAF and UniSIM to collaborate in providing continuing education for SAF personnel, the partnership seeks to nurture them to their fullest potential and to develop strong leaders to meet the future operational demands and challenges of the 3rd Generation SAF." 

Under the partnership, beginning July 2009, non-graduate SAF personnel will be able to take up any UniSIM part-time undergraduate courses, while gaining credits for their SAF Professional Military Education (PME) courses. 

Dedicated to providing continuing education for working professionals and adult learners, UniSIM is well-suited to provide part-time degree programmes for SAF personnel who need to balance their work with academic pursuits. UniSIM President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, said: "Currently, there is already a good demand for UniSIM degree programmes from SAF personnel. UniSIM offers knowledge and expertise in a wide range of disciplines and is ready to develop new expertise and capability to meet the needs of our partners. The MOU will enable sharing of experience and knowledge resources and also pave the way for more collaboration between UniSIM and SAF on continuing education in the future."


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