UniSIM And NAFA Tie Up To Offer Singapore's First Visual Communication With Business Honours Degree

Unique degree course will provide designers and artists in the advertising, media and design industries an educational pathway to acquire practical business and management skills. 

SIM University (UniSIM) is launching a new Visual Communication with Business Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree programme in July 2008 for NAFA visual communication diploma holders and those working in the advertising, media and design industries. This unique programme, a collaboration between UniSIM and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), is the first of its kind in Singapore to combine both arts and business. 

Professor Cham Tao Soon, UniSIM Chancellor and Chairman of UniSIM and NAFA Council, said, "I'm delighted to see UniSIM and NAFA coming together to form this unique collaboration, in offering a first-ever degree programme that seamlessly enables the equipping of contemporary creative skills with marketing knowledge. The partnership well leverages on the core competencies of the two institutions, and has laid the grounds for further learning through the offering of special interest courses by NAFA for adult learners at UniSIM." 

Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of UniSIM, added, "The collaboration allows UniSIM and NAFA to draw on each other's strengths. By infusing arts education with the important element of business and management training, we hope to groom multitalented, cross-disciplinary arts professionals who will bring the creative industry in Singapore to a whole new perspective." 

Mr Choo Thiam Siew, NAFA President, said, "Launched in 1982, the NAFA Diploma in Visual Communication is our second oldest diploma programme. Over the years, this programme has been drawing the highest take-up rate and the number is on the increase. We consistently encourage our diploma graduates to further pursue academic excellence by taking up the degree programmes that NAFA jointly offers with prestigious universities." 

Mr Choo added, "We're confident that the new UniSIM-NAFA degree in Visual Communication with Business will be well-received by our Diploma in Visual Communication graduates who, after accumulating some working experience, are looking to raising the benchmark for themselves. To help our graduates make the best of opportunities in the booming creative industries, NAFA does not stop at making craftsmen out of them. They need to be equipped with the relevant knowhow to effectively market their talents and skills. This academic advancement will be a worthwhile investment." 


About the Programme

The Visual Communication with Business Bachelor of Arts (Honours) programme is specially designed for graduates of NAFA's Visual Communication Diploma programme with an interest to pursue executive and management careers in the advertising, media and design industries. Graduates of the programme will be well-equipped with the key functional knowledge in business including management, economics, marketing and law as well as the artistic skills related to visual communication. 

Under UniSIM's flexible learning system, students enrolling in this honours part-time degree programme may take between 2 to 4 years to graduate. The arts courses will be taught by NAFA academics at the NAFA campus while the business courses will be conducted by the faculty of the School of Business in UniSIM. 


More collaboration opportunities 

Apart from the degree programme, UniSIM and NAFA will explore offering special interest courses under UniSIM's General Studies Programme (GSP). UniSIM and NAFA are looking into the feasibility of running courses such as fine arts appreciation, fun with ceramics, western painting and music. 

These courses will appeal to the diverse interest of a wider group of adult learners served by UniSIM. UniSIM hopes to offer some of these courses by 2009. 


MOU Signing Ceremony

A signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding will be held on 17 March. 


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