UniSIM Forms Alumni Network

To promote the spirit of connectedness between UniSIM and its alumni, membership to the Alumni Network is free. UniSIM alumni will each be given a free email account. They will be connected to all alumni via an e-portal which offers them access to an e-Directory, information on courses and events, linkage to career services and which facilitates online requests for transcripts, assistance for reunions. 


Encouraging Alumni engagement in growing UniSIM 

"UniSIM graduates are mainly adults who have gathered valuable working experience and industry expertise. We would like to invite them to come back to UniSIM and contribute their wealth of practical experience in growing the university. They can participate in terms of strengthening our corporate and academic governance, providing advisory services, participate in research or join as an academic, to lecture their juniors. This way, UniSIM will truly be a university set up for the people by its people," commented Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of UniSIM. 


Promoting Lifelong Learning 

UniSIM plans to launch the Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) programme which encourages alumni members to engage in active continued learning through incentives offered, including special concessions of up to 25% of course fees for the next UniSIM programme, special discounts on course fees for alumni in their senior ages. 

"UniSIM alumni are self-motivated people who believe in self-enrichment. Many of them enjoy flexible learning, a system that UniSIM offers. After the first achievement at UniSIM, we want our graduates to continue sharpening their knowledge and widening their horizon, to stay abreast of global developments. For this purpose, we have planned out a range of incentives to encourage our alumni to come back for more knowledge upgrades and networking," said Professor Cheong Hee Kiat.


Exclusive privileges to help alumni maintain close ties with UniSIM 

UniSIM alumni also get to enjoy specially organized activities such as workshops and social or community activities, networking functions and complimentary access and use of most facilities at the NTU's One-North Clubhouse. 

"As part of their lifelong learning and development, it is crucial for working adults to build a robust network of contacts, continually tap into the accumulated knowledge of peers, stay actively engaged with the world and demonstrate social leadership. UniSIM’s Alumni Network is set up to offer our graduates just such a platform. We hope our alumni will benefit from opportunities created for them. At the same time, we hope they will, through friendship and collaboration, spur one another to create a better future for themselves and their communities," said Professor Cheong Hee Kiat.


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