UniSIM Launches First Broad-Based Aerospace Degree Programme

Partnership with academic and industry specialists ensure graduates will be industry-ready and immediately deployable for work in the Aerospace industry, in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

SIM University (UniSIM), in collaboration with Cranfield University (UK), ST Aerospace and Singapore Polytechnic, is pleased to announce the launch of a unique Aerospace Systems Engineering degree (Honours) programme in July 2008. 

This is the first broad-based Aerospace degree programme to be offered in Asia Pacific. The programme targets existing Aerospace industry employees with diploma qualifications to qualify them to assume management positions as well as to develop professionals keen to seek an Aerospace career. 


Partnership of Academic and Industry Specialists

"The new UniSIM programme adopts a broad-based approach and its curriculum is designed to cover the three critical areas of avionics, aeronautics and aerospace management. The programme has a multidisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes depth for understanding and breadth for application. Our graduates will have the rigorous yet relevant foundation to build a meaningful career in Aerospace systems engineering," said Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SIM University. Professor Cheong added, "This Aerospace degree programme was mooted from a series of informal dialogues among various people from UniSIM and the partners, nurtured by a shared entrepreneurial conviction to engage one another and the aerospace industry in a new way." 

One key feature is that graduates will be industry-ready and immediately deployable for work in the Aerospace industry, especially in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). This is made possible as our industry partner – ST Aerospace – plays an advisory role to contribute industry relevance to the programme. ST Aerospace's senior management staff with vast industry background will also provide teaching in local Aerospace management topics and supervise final year projects. 

Another feature is the leverage on academic institutions that are renowned for their Aerospace Programmes to ensure programme rigour and recognition. Our partner Cranfield University from the United Kingdom is internationally recognised to be the best and most sought after in Aerospace education as well as the only university to run an airport. Cranfield University currently only offers postgraduate degree programmes, and this collaboration with UniSIM will be Cranfield's first participation in a foreign undergraduate programme. 

Specifically, Cranfield University will be providing its expertise in developing elective courses, and facilitating a one-week full-time compulsory Primer course at its university for students in the third semester of their studies. The partnership will also be offering an Integrated Bachelor Master Degrees Award to outstanding graduates with a UniSIM undergraduate degree and a Cranfield Master degree. 

Yet another feature is the partnership with a local academic institution Singapore Polytechnic (SP) – whose Aerospace diploma programmes attract very good quality students. UniSIM is leveraging SP's expertise and experience in Aerospace education for curriculum development, teaching, and training facilities. It is envisaged that SP's diploma graduates will find this degree programme an attractive progression in their Aerospace career. UniSIM is also offering "through-train" progression scheme for Aerospace related Diploma programmes where students can complete their programme in a shorter time. 


Quotes from Partners

Mr Tay Kok Khiang, President, ST Aerospace: "ST Aerospace is please to enter into this MOU with UniSIM on its first Bachelors of Engineering (Honours) in Aerospace Systems Engineering. As a leading third party aviation MRO company in the world, we support programmes that promote skills building and further the career development of aerospace professionals looking for a degree. This UniSIM programme should also help our own staff – who are Licensed Aircraft Engineers – to expand their skills sets and knowledge in their relevant fields of education. This partnership between UniSIM and ST Aerospace will benefit students seeking to further develop their career in not only the aerospace industry, but also the thriving aviation market in Singapore." 

Professor Sir John O' Reilly, Vice Chancellor, Cranfield University: ""I am very pleased that Cranfield University is signing this agreement with SIM University. I know from my visits to Singapore that UniSIM is a rapidly expanding organisation that has the full support of the Singapore Government in its mission to reach out to adult learners. It is highly appropriate that SIM University and Cranfield collaborate together, not least because we share a strong interest in continuing professional development, particularly in aerospace engineering and management." 

Mr Tan Hang Cheong, Principal, Singapore Polytechnic: "The aerospace industry is facing tremendous growth opportunities worldwide but is also facing a shortage of relevant manpower supply. Singapore Polytechnic is pleased to be part of this academic and industry partnership that is putting together an academically-sound and industry-relevant degree programme that seeks to produce well-trained professionals for the aerospace industry in the years to come." 


Programme Details

The programme is offered by UniSIM School of Science and Technology (SST). Due to its specialised nature, it is intended that the student intake be kept at about 50 per semester, with the first cohort starting in July 2008.13. The following are the minimum admission criteria as per all UniSIM programmes: 

  • GCE 'A' level with 2 passes or diploma or equivalent 
  • Two years of working experience 
  • 21 years and above 
  • Singaporeans or Permanent Residents

All eligible students who are pursuing their first local degree will also enjoy up to 40% subsidy as recently announced by the Government. 

An Open House is specially organised by UniSIM School of Science and Technology for students who are interested to find out more about this Aerospace systems degree programme. The Open House will be held at the SIM HQ Campus, Atrium Level, on 29 March 2008, 1 pm. It will provide programme briefings as well as career talks given by various Aerospace industry companies. Students who sign up for the programme can also take part and win attractive prizes in a "Design to Fly" game where they design, create and fly the most fuel-efficient miniature airplane


Aerospace Prospect

Key findings of the Aerospace industry study commissioned by the Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore and Workforce Development Agency showed the potential of the Aerospace field and the manpower being demanded:* In the world – the aircraft MRO business is worth US$40.8 billion (S$61.8billion) and is growing at 3.6% per year 

In the Asia Pacific – The region's share of the pie is 22% or US$9.3 billion and will grow at 5% per annum 

In Singapore – The Aerospace industry saw a record $6.3 billion output last year, a 20% increase over 2005. It employs about 18,000 people and will need 18,830 more workers in the next 10 years. 



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