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Speech By Mr Stanley Lim At SIM University Convocation 2015

Speech By Mr Stanley Lim, PBM, Chairman, Singapore Logistics Association, At SIM University Convocation 2015 (Session 3) On 8 October 2015, 9.30am, The Grand Hall Of SIM University

Professor Aline Wong, Chancellor, SIM University;
Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SIM University;
Distinguished Guests;
Ladies and gentlemen;


  1. I am indeed very honoured to join you in this joyous occasion to celebrate your new milestone. Your achievements are not limited to yourself but would benefit the industry at large. Through your new knowledge and skills acquired, you bring with you a change of mindset, versatile thinking and ‘can do’ spirit to your workplace. With the expertise on hand, you will be part of the new generation of PMEs (Professionals, Managers, Executives).
  1. PMEs of today are faced with constant changes in the light of economic drivers like global connectivity, smart machines and new media that reshape the work and the skills required. PMEs bes ides performing well for the present job, should also embrace themselves for future work skills, proficiencies and abilities to be productive contributors in the future.
  1. Over my years of profession as a logistician, I have seen the evolution from uni-modal to intermodal, from providing one mode of transport to integrated services, providing one-stop services and now supply chain management. The evolution is in response to the ever-changing challenges in the economic climate.


  1. The current buzzwords in the markets just to name a few, include the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), One Belt, One Road (OBOR). Besides the plethora of new application areas for internet connected automation, IoT is also expected to generate large amounts of data from diverse locations that is aggregated very quickly, thereby feeding data more readily. The AEC 2015 envisages a single market and production base, a highly competitive economic region, a region of equitable economic development, and a region fully integrated into the global economy. One Belt, One Road (OBOR) also known as the Belt and Road Initiative is a development strategy and framework, proposed by the People's Republic of China that focuses on connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily in Eurasia, which consists of two main components, the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road".
  1. One may ask “What do all these developments mean to PMEs?”
  1. Besides gearing up for challenges, PMEs should recognise that these challenges create new opportunities to transform businesses into engines of growth and profit as well as robust and versatile support in difficult times. The influential role played by PMEs on the future of their organisations has never been greater. You make the difference.

Good Partnership – SIM University and SLA

  1. Recognising the importance of the role played by the logisticians and supply chain management executives, SIM University (UniSIM) and the Singapore Logistics Association collaborated in 2008 to develop the Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The comprehensive programme encompasses a good balance of academic teachings and industry knowledge. Complemented with the joint publication entitled “Managing Logistics & Supply Chains in Challenging Times: Insights from Singapore Cases”, the logistics students gained an in-depth understanding of the exciting challenges residing in the logistics industry and innovative solutions that have been developed to push the industry to greater growth.
  1. On behalf of the Association, I would like to sincerely extend my deepest appreciation to UniSIM for the good partnership. Besides the Bachelor degree programme and the joint publication, UniSIM also supports the Association’s efforts in promoting greater awareness and understanding of the logistics industry amongst tertiary students through its initiatives on the Supply Chain Challenge and the Young Logistics Professionals forum. On this note, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to UniSIM on its 10th Year Anniversary. I look forward to further collaborations in elevating the professionalism of the logistics industry.

4 Cs

  1. To the graduates, I would like to leave with you the 4 Cs:
    Collaboration – Establish strong ties with your fellow PMEs. In the Association, we look at our fellow members not as competitors but friendly collaborators that leverage one another’s strengths to help grow each other’s businesses.
    Capability – Make technology work for you! Tap on the right technology suitable for your environment in the light of manpower challenges. Upskill yourself with the latest development and knowledge continuously as the industry evolves constantly.
    Cultural Savvy – With globalisation, you have to develop a cultural sensitivity and maturity to your business approach. You have to learn how to best blend and manage the cultural characteristics with your customers, suppliers, partners and agents.
    Catalyst – Make a difference through your work initiatives and innovative solutions. Do not underestimate your contributions. Small or big they may be, the contributions would help to transform your company and improve your company’s bottom line.
  1. To all the graduates, my heartiest congratulations!
  1. You are our future – the new generation of PMEs!
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