13th Security Studies Training Day

​​On 11 Jan 2017, the associates and instructors teaching in UniSIM's Bachelor of Science in Management and Security Studies programme gathered on campus for the 13th Security Studies Training Day.  

One of the interesting topics discussed at the session was the ways in which machine learning – a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed – changes cybersecurity. The participants also had a better understanding of a chatty-bot in cybercrime, and how to tell if a spam text message is from a terrorist. The associates and instructors also learnt the dangers of giving out personal information, and useful techniques on how to handle strangers who approach them in public transport and at the airport in Singapore, which they could impart to their students.  

Associate Professor Tony Rappa, Head of Management and Security Studies programme, also took this opportunity to congratulate our associate Mr Anil Singh Sona, who is one of UniSIM's Teaching Merit Award recipients in 2017, and the first recipient of this award from the programme. 


Assoc Prof Tony Rappa (3rd from left) with his programme's associates (from left) Mr Anil Singh Sona, Mr Tay Zhonghao, Dr Jolene Anne R. Jerard, Mr Gunasegaran Sathivelu, Mr Lopez Lewis Morris and Mr Noriman bin Mohamad Salim.​ 

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