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2015 Singapore Chinese Film Festival 新加坡华语电影节


The 2015 Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF) drew its final curtains on April 30. Movie buffs were treated to 40 movies from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore at 46 screening sessions held over 14 days at GV VivoCity, GV Suntec City and the National Museum of Singapore.

The opening film, North by Northeast, shot in northeastern China, was an interesting mashup of comedy and crime detective genre. It was attended by some 200 invited guests including Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SIM University; actress Petrina Fung Bo Bo; film directors from various regions, including Clifton Ko and Benny Lau from Hong Kong, Zhang Bingjian and Xin Yukun from China, Ho Wi Ding from Malaysia, Jack Neo and other local filmmakers. Fans were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the affable Fung Bo Bo, who started her filming career when she was a 4-year-old kid.

Prior to the screening of the film, Kenneth Tan, Chairman, Singapore Film Society gave a welcome address. This was followed by a short speech by Professor Eddie Kuo, Director, UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies, who declared the official opening of 2015 SCFF. 

Zhang Bingjian, Director of North by Northeast, had an engaging exchange with the audience members who stayed back after the screening.

The following days saw the screening of 20 feature films under the main segment, Chinese Panorama; 5 documentaries; 4 Chinese shorts showcase; and 11 classics by Taiwan veteran director, Lee Hsing. 

A total of 16 local and overseas filmmakers/speakers were specially invited to share their filmmaking experiences with audience members over 21 question-and-answer sessions and 2 Chinese Talkies Panels.

The first panel talk, 'The Challenges and Opportunities of Filmmaking in Mainland China' was held on April 18 at SIM University. The speakers were Zhang Bingjian and Xin Yukun from China; and Ho Wi Ding from Malaysia. David Lee, Vice Chairman of Singapore Film Society was the moderator. The 3 directors shared with some 50 audience members the challenges and opportunities they faced carving their niche in the whopping film-making industry in China.

The second panel talk, 'Tribute to Lee Hsing: A Life in Cinema' was held at the National Museum of Singapore on April 25. Director Lee Hsing from Taiwan, Zhang Jianyong, former Deputy Curator of China's Film Archive Institute, and Director Wan Jen were the guest speakers. The session was moderated by Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan, Deputy Director of UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies. He also presented on behalf of Liu Hsien-cheng, who could not make it to the talk at the last minute due to personal reasons. The energetic 85-year-old Director Lee spoke with gusto and hit his walking stick on the ground intermittently to emphasise the points he made. His sharing of behind-the-scene snippets were met with hearty laughter from the 150-strong audience, many of whom fondly reminisced the times they first watched his movies in the 1960s.

To complement the screening of Lee Hsing classics, a 10-metre long L-shaped panel showcasing the posters of 11 Lee Hsing classic movies was mounted outside the Gallery Theatre of National Museum of Singapore from 25-30 April, attracting hundreds of visitors.

The 2015 SCFF was made possible through the sponsorship from Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore, Spotlight Taiwan Project (Special Patron Dr Samuel Yin) in collaboration with Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, Chinese Language and Culture Fund, Lee Foundation, Promote Mandarin Council and Grand Harvest Media Pte Ltd.






第一场“华语电影面对面座谈会”于4月18 假新跃大学进行。邀请了张秉坚、忻钰坤、何蔚庭担任主讲嘉宾,由李富楠担任主持人。三位主讲人就“电影导演在中国:机会与挑战”分享了在中国拍独立电影所面对的种种机会与挑战,吸引了约50名观众出席。




[ “承先启后:李行的电影人生”录影 ]

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