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'A Poet and His Muse' Series ‘诗人的缪思’系列

'A Poet and His Muse - Yu Kwang-chung's Poetry in Music, Forum and Movie', a series of events to celebrate the words of world renowned poet Yu Kwang-chung, were co-presented by The Arts House and UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies on 6 and 7 December 2013. 

The concert was performed on 6 December evening by Bel Canto Singers from Hong Kong at Chamber, The Arts House. Poetic songs and recitations filled the chamber to an enchanted audience of some 90 people. The concert was also supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

The forum was held at the same venue in the following morning. It was presented by A/P Koh Hock Kiat, Director of Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University; Mr Lee Soo Chee, Institute of Chinese Studies, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia; Mr David Quah, Chairman of Bel Canto Singers, Hong Kong, and moderated by Professor Wong Yoon Wah, Senior Vice President, Southern University College, Malaysia. The speakers from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong shared their insights on the impact of Yu's works on the Chinese musical and literary scenes with some 70 participants. 

The Untrammeled Traveler, a documentary film on Yu Kwang-chung, was screened on 7 December at The Arts House's Screening Room to a full house of 75 attendees. The movie was made as part of The Inspired Island: Series of Eminent Writers from Taiwan, a documentary series on Taiwan literature.

This series of events was organised in collaboration with the TAIPEI REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE IN SINGAPORE and sponsored by the Spotlight Taiwan Project (Special patron Dr Samuel Yin). 


在“台湾文化光点计划”(特别赞助人尹衍樑博士)的赞助并在驻新加坡台北代表处鼎力支持下,由新跃中华学术中心与艺术之家联合呈现的“诗人的缪思--余光中诗歌音乐会、座谈会、电影放映会” 系列于12月6-7日在艺术之家推出。


12月7日上午于艺术之家大礼堂举办的“诗人的缪思--余光中诗与歌座谈会”邀请了南洋理工大学孔子学院院长许福吉副教授 、马来西亚拉曼大学中华研究院讲师李树枝先生、香港美声曲艺社主席柯大卫先生担任演讲嘉宾,并由马来西亚南方大学学院资深副校长王润华教授担任主席。来自新、马、港三地的三位主讲人分别从音乐、余光中的现代主义理论、及余光中诗的人生启示的不同视角,为现场约70名观众探索、解读与分享余光中的诗与歌在华文文学及音乐领域的影响。



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