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Bridging Communication Through Technology

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Meet Koh Jin Wei, a Business Analytics student who founded his own startup,, which offers a software that produces 100% accurate text transcript by using its very own algorithm and interactive editor. Jin Wei shares with us how his app aims to promote inclusivity.

How does your startup help to promote inclusivity for the disabled?

We have envisioned our startup to bridge all communication barriers, regardless of race, language or diversity we have in this society. We strongly believe that technology is here to enable and benefit everyone in need, and not hinder and be selective to serve only a certain group of people.

We were also fortunate enough to be engaged by Purple Parade - Singapore's Largest Movement to Support Inclusion & Celebrate Abilities of Persons with Special Needs - this year, where they used our closed caption service, aka subtitles.

What is the motivation behind your intention to promote inclusivity through your startup?

It was from a personal encounter during a learning trip that I had gotten a chance to team up with a deaf person. We were having a hard time communicating, which had me thinking, that communication may seem simple, but it is one of the most important part of our life.

Therefore, with the means and ability in, we have come up with this idea on how these people can benefit directly or indirectly from our software.  

What future plans do you have for your startup?

Our future of is to make communication more accessible for everyone, anyone regardless of race, language or any diversification. We aim to follow and adopt the spirit of SUSS for inclusiveness.

Voice digital creation should be as ubiquitous as text. Therefore, we hope that one day would be able to enable all communication to be as simple as CTRL+F-ing your conversation. 



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