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Conversation Starters - Weathering The Haze: Are We Ready?

While Southeast Asia's leaders struggle to control transboundary haze on a national level, what can communities and individuals do to stay safe from pollution? 

At the Conversation Starters series on 13 July 2016, which was co-organised by National Library, Singapore; and UniSIM, experts in the engineering, medical and environmental health fields discussed how buildings and homes could mitigate the harmful effects of haze and other pollutants. 

Dr Andrew Tay, Director for Health and Productivity, GlaxoSmithKline; Dr Ng Lee Ching, Director of the Environmental Health Institute, National Environment Agency; and Dr Zuraimi Sultan, a scientist at the National Research Council of Canada, shared tips on the correct way to wear masks and select air purifiers. Some common misconceptions such as how haze can help to contain the dengue outbreak were also corrected at the stimulating and informative session, which was moderated by Dr Luke Peh, Vice Dean of School of Science and Technology and Head of Facilities and Event Management programme.

(From left) Dr Tay, Dr Ng, Dr Zuraimi and Luke relaxing before the Conversation.

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