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Effective Examination Techniques

On 31 October 2014 – before the examination season kicked in – Associate Professor Antonio L. Rappa, Head of the Management and Security Studies programme at SIM University, shared examination techniques with his students.

With extensive experience from teaching at overseas universities in the US, UK, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, Associate Professor Rappa shared in-depth insights on how to prepare for closed book examinations, tips on how to do reverse revision, and highlighted the importance of sufficient sleep before sitting for an examination. He emphasised that "we learn much from success, but even more from failure. Therefore, it is better to fail honestly, than to pass illegally".

The talk ended with a lively question-and-answer session where students raised interesting questions such as how much sleep is required before the examination, whether topic spotting is a good idea, and what happens if a student is caught cheating or smoking in the toilet during the examination.

Associate Professor Antonio L. Rappa providing tips on how to prepare for examinations effectively.

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