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Ergonomics Forum 2014

On 27 March 2014, the School of Science and Technology (SST) at SIM University (UniSIM) partnered with the Workplace, Safety and Health Council, and Workforce Development Agency to bring the Ergonomics Forum to UniSIM. Nearly 500 participants attended the forum, with Mr Hawaizi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Manpower, gracing the event as the guest of honour. SST and the Continuing Education and Training (CET) team at UniSIM also organised an Ergonomics Awareness Workshop for participants to learn more about the discipline, in conjunction with the forum.

According to Mr Hawaizi, ergonomics problems are estimated to incur an economic loss of S$3.5 billion annually, or one per cent of Singapore's gross domestic product. Associate Professor Chui Yoon Ping, Head of the Human Factors in Safety programme at UniSIM, gave the keynote presentation, and reminded participants that practising good ergonomics has to be anchored on strong scientific principles.

During the forum, announcements were made on changes to reporting risks associated with musculoskeletal disorders and on other initiatives by the government. As the government ramps up plans to promote ergonomics awareness in Singapore, Associate Professor Chui opined that it would be important and timely to partner with government bodies in launching such major events to further develop UniSIM's reputation as a key contributor to society.

Mr Hawaizi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Manpower, speaking at Ergonomics Forum 2014.

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