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Former Singapore Commissioner Of Police Ng Joo Hee Speaks At UniSIM

On 26 January 2015, former Singapore Commissioner of Police (CP) Ng Joo Hee gave a talk at SIM University (UniSIM) on "Policing the Safest Place in the World", as part of the Distinguished Visitor Series of talks organised by the School of Business.

Many turned up to hear Mr Ng share the various aspects of policing Singapore, which included strategies in criminology and the dangers of racial riots and terrorist attacks. The audience comprised students from UniSIM's Bachelor of Science in Management and Security Studies programme; and UniSIM staff including Professor Cheong Hee Kiat and Professor Tsui Kai Chong, our President and Provost respectively.

An Oxford-educated Singapore Police Force (SPF) Scholar, Mr Ng was the former Director of Prisons before he became Singapore's youngest CP. Well-known as the CP who significantly reduced Singapore's crime rate, he said that reducing and controlling crime were his only objectives. 

Mr Ng began his talk with the history of the police force, and referred to police corruption during the British colonial period, the scholarly works of Sir Robert Peel and James Q. Wilson, and various crime hypotheses such as "the broken windows theory", "community policing" and "the need to sweat the small stuff". He also presented several global rankings that placed SPF in the public light.

Mr Ng further enlightened the audience when he covered the concept of technology and urban policing, the use of personal police cameras, the privacy argument, and a new Bill on crime that is before Parliament. He also spoke of the dangers of organised crime, and opined that the two casinos in Singapore are targets for organised criminals with international resources and political power.

Mr Ng, who is now the Chief Executive of the Public Utilities Board and Deputy Secretary (Special Duties) at the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, then took questions including the increase in foreign workers in Singapore, SPF manpower, low corruption rate and the future of policing, from the floor for about an hour before wrapping up the session.

Mr Ng Joo Hee sharing his insights with the audience.

(From left) Mr Ng Joo Hee receiving with a token of appreciation from Professor Tsui Kai Chong.

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