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Inaugural Southern Poetry Festival 第一届南方诗歌节之诗歌朗诵会

The Poetry Recitation segment of the Inaugural Southern Poetry Festival held on 1 June 2014 at the Southern University College was co-organised by SIM University, Southern Poetry Society and the National Arts Council of Singapore. In his opening speech, Professor Eddie Kuo, Director, UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies mentioned metaphorically that poetry could serve as the bridge over the causeway linking up Singapore and Johor Bahru to form a new centre. He believed that through the interactions between poets, the development of Chinese culture in both sides of the Johor Straits could be strengthened. He also hoped that in the near future, the poets could gather in Singapore in a similar event.

At the Festival, poets from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan recited their poems in Mandarin, English and Malay. Poets who recited their own literary works in Mandarin included Tan Chai Puan from Malaysia, I Lo-fen from Taiwan, and Chua Chee Lay and Toh Lam Huat from Singapore. Chinese poetry《还魂记--炸虾饼》by Wong Yoon Wah, a Singaporean poet, was translated into English titled A Tale of Resurrection: Frying Kerepok and into Malay titled Kisah Kenangan Silam Keropok Goreng. The poem was recited in these three languages respectively by Wong Yoon Wah, Edwin Thumboo, a celebrated English poet from Singapore and Nadia Bte Ishak from Johor, much to the pleasure of the audience. 


在诗歌朗诵会上, 新加坡、马来西亚与台湾诗人或诵或唱出华语、英语和马来语的诗篇。以华语朗诵的诗人包括马来西亚诗人陈再藩、台湾诗人衣若芬、新加坡诗人蔡志礼和杜南发。新加坡诗人王润华的中文诗作《还魂记: 炸虾饼》则被译为英文及马来文, 分别由王润华, 马来西亚马来诗人娜迪雅(Nadia bte Ishak)和新加坡诗人唐爱文(Edwin Thumboo)以华语、马来语和英语为在场的来宾作一诗三语的朗诵。


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