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Induction Programme For Full-time Students


2014 will be an exciting year as we enroll our pioneer batch of UniSIM's full-time programme students. 

On the Student Induction Day on 12 July 2014, our students were warmly welcomed by our President, Professor Cheong and Provost, Professor Tsui; this was followed by an introduction of the UniSIM College team by Assistant Provost, Professor Koh. 

We emphasized the need for self-directed learning and taking initiative for the students' upcoming learning journey with UniSIM. An academic and administrative briefing was also conducted to familiarise students with the academic and non-academic aspects of university life. 

We also invited Abidin, trainer from Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) to brief the students on the OBS teambuilding session, which is an integral part of the BUS100 course. The briefing helped clarify misconceptions and doubts on OBS, and inform students of the learning experience that they would go through at OBS. 

One of the highlights was the degree programme briefing which allowed students to have a closer interaction with their respective lecturers. Students were given a more in-depth understanding of their study plan for the next four years. 

We ended the Student Induction with a lunch, which provided the opportunity for students to mingle with their group mates for OBS, fellow classmates as well as faculty and staff members. 

The Induction Programme gave a good preview of the coming learning journey for our inaugural batch of UniSIM full-time students.

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