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Launch Of UniSIM Humanities Series, And Seminar (In Mandarin) By Professor Wong Yoon Wah

The UniSIM Humanities Series was launched at the inaugural ceremony held on 24 Nov 2012 at SIM University (UniSIM) by Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SIM University. The event was jointly organised by UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS), School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS); and supported by Global Publishing. Professor Eddie Kuo, Director, UCCS; Associate Professor Genice Ngg, Dean, SASS and Professor Wong Yoon Wah, editorial member of the series were invited on stage to witness the ceremony. This was followed by the presentation of the books by Professor Cheong to the invited guests and authors.

UniSIM Humanities Series is a set of Chinese academic publications focusing on Cultural China. The first three volumes are "Chinese Literature in Singapore and Malaysia", "Chinese Language Usages in Singapore" and "Chinese Language Education in Singapore". The articles were mainly compiled from the theses and dissertations from the graduates of UniSIM Chinese programmes.

Professor Wong Yoon Wah, who is also the Senior Vice President at Southern University College, Malaysia, gave a talk in Mandarin on "Chinese literature in Singapore and Malaysia – A reflection from cross-cultural, cross-time, and trans-border perspectives" in the afternoon. He spoke earnestly on the need to rethink and reposition the standing of many important Chinese authors and their literature publications, which were regrettably lost or forgotten by the Chinese literature scene in Singapore as the years passed by. This was followed by the Question and Answer session.

The event attracted some 75 attendees who had a fruitful session catching up with old friends and being inspired by the talk.







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