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Let's Talk Business@UniSIM

On 22 February 2014, more than 300 students from the School of Business (SBIZ) and members of the public attended the bi-annual Let's Talk Business@UniSIM seminar, held in conjunction with the UniSIM Open House. 

Two established entrepreneurs – Ms Tay Su Yin, founder of Laksania, a social enterprise that aims to provide job opportunities to the disabled and marginalised communities in Singapore; and Mr Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman of Ya Kun International Pte Ltd – were invited to speak at the seminar.

During the seminar, Ms Tay related her experience of starting a social enterprise in Singapore, including her motivation during the challenging moments of her career. Mr Loi also drew from his experience, highlighting the factors that contributed to Ya Kun's success as an international brand. 

One of the highlights was the active panel discussion, chaired by SBIZ's Adjunct Professor Allen Pathmarajah, during which useful insights were gleaned from the speakers. Even after the seminar had ended, many among the audience lingered on to interact with the guest speakers.

(From left): Ms Tay Su Yin, Adjunct Professor Allen Pathmarajah and Mr Adrin Loi engaged in the panel discussion.

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