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Literary Film Festival Draws Crowd! “他们在岛屿写作2”文学电影节:白先勇携《奼紫嫣红开遍》赴跃大开讲


The Inspired Island 2 Literary Film Festival garnered an attendance of some 1,000 viewers over the weekend of 10-12 June 2016. 

The UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS), in partnership with Fisfisa Media and Flâneur Culture Lab, was proud to bring to Singapore this series of innovative and revolutionary literary films which depart from traditional documentary-making to convey the lives and works of eminent Chinese literary writers.

The highlight of the festival included a dialogue in a packed PAT on the opening night (10 June) between eminent writer Prof Pai Hsien-Yung (白先勇) and famed local author Prof Wong Yoon-Wah (王润华), where Prof Pai indulged the audience of some 500 with enthralling stories of his life and works. This was followed by the Southeast Asian premiere screening of the literary film Hsien-Yung Pai 《奼紫嫣红开遍》 which documents Prof Pai's important life events and career milestones. 

The festival weekend saw fans queueing to watch the seven films at the Arts House, Singapore. Some even had their meals packed in order to catch back-to-back screenings! The panel discussion "From Literature to Film: The Hong Kong and Taiwan Inspired Island Experience" with directors Ben Wong King-Fai and Teng Yung-Shing was also a rare treat for audiences who caught a glimpse of the work and challenges that these directors faced behind the scenes. 


由新跃大学新跃中华学术中心与台湾目宿媒体联办、行人文化实验室协办“他们在岛屿写作2”文学电影节,成功地把文学电影和杰出文学家白先勇呈献给新加坡观众。在6月10日至12 日所举办的文学电影节,吸引了将近1000位热爱文学电影支持者出席一系列的活动。 

首先登场并为此活动掀开序幕的是6月10日在新跃大学举办的“文学家对话暨《奼紫嫣红开遍》电影发表会”。 当代文学家白先勇与本地著名文学作家王润华教授进行一场精彩的文学对话,吸引了将近500名观众出席,聆听白老师叙说生平事迹和畅谈文学、昆曲与人生分享。 


除此之外, 两位参与“他们在岛屿写作2”系列作品的港台导演黄劲辉和邓勇星,通过座谈会“从文学到电影:港台两地导演的岛屿经验”,与现场影迷更进一步分享岛屿写作拍摄过程和文学电影幕后制作所包含的哲学元素。


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