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Localisation And Universal Values In Chinese Cinema: A dialogue With Film-makers From TW, HK & SG


The first installment of the Chinese Talkies Panels was held on 28 April 2013 at The Arts House. The talkies session was organised to complement the inaugural Singapore Chinese Film Festival and provide a platform for local and overseas film-makers from the Greater China region to share their filmmaking experiences.

The topic discussed was "Localisation and Universal Values in Chinese Cinema: A dialogue with film-makers from Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore". The speakers were Lee Lieh (producer of JUMP! ASHIN) from Taiwan, Angie Chen (producer/director of ONE TREE THREE LIVES) from Hong Kong, Michelle Chong (local producer/director/writer of ALREADY FAMOUS) with Evan Tang (co-director of OLD PLACES and OLD ROMANCES) as the moderator.

The session was attended by some 40 members. The panelists shared candid views on topics ranging from the selection of scripts; training of actors; difficulties faced in sourcing for film distributors to fund raising issues.

Please click here for a recording of the discussion session.






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