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Masterclass In Thermal Spray Coatings: Theory And Practice For Engineering Solutions


Professor Christopher Berndt, President of the American Society of Materials (ASM International) and inductee of the prestigious Thermal Spray Hall of Fame was in Singapore to conduct a Masterclass in Thermal Spray Coatings from 30 July-1 August 2012. The course, which was conducted at Traders Hotel, attracted 23 participants from the aerospace, oil & gas and defense industries as well as representatives from the thermal spray original equipment manufacturers. 

During the 3 days course, Prof. Berndt provided a thorough technical grounding of the thermal spray processes, a technology commonly used to address engineering needs involving wear, high temperature and aqueous corrosion and thermal regulation and degradation. And in conjunction with the Masterclass, Prof. Berndt, also took time to present a public lecture on “Nanostructures via Thermal Spray: Processing, Properties and Modelling” on 31 July 2012 in UniSIM. He spent the evening sharing his latest research work in the area of nanostructured materials fabricated via thermal spray process. 

Mr. Jeremy Koh, an engineer from ST Engineering and one of the attendees of the Masterclass commented, "Prof Berndt is very approachable and has shown a deep sense of passion for the subject; he has definitely inspired me to further my understanding of thermal spray as both a discipline and career."


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