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Mid-Autumn Celebrations Focus On Children 与小朋友们庆中秋


UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS) hosted some 200 guests - including UniSIM Alumni, students, staff, as well as their family members and friends - at its annual Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration held at the SIM HQ Koi Pond on Saturday, 10 September 2016. 

The theme of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was on traditional Chinese art forms performed by young children in order to encourage the younger generation to have a deeper appreciation for Chinese culture. SIM University President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, in his welcome speech also offered a timely reminder that the mindset of lifelong learning starts from young and continues throughout our lives. 

For that reason, the evening's performances were presented by a group of children with a passion for traditional Chinese culture. From high-energy martial arts moves to fluid Taichi strokes, and the warm distinctive music from a dulcimer to the lilt of children’s voices in poetry recitation, these children not only showed off their skills, but more importantly their pride in these art forms. 

In addition to savouring traditional moon cakes, frozen yogurt and Chinese tea, guests also had the opportunity to take part in DIY snow-skin mooncake making. 

The party ended with traditional lantern riddles games where many participants won attractive prizes that were sponsored by the Taipei representative office in Singapore. 




当天晚上的第一个表演项目, 是由意力武术呈现的一段武术表演。小朋友们一拳一脚打出了精气神,博得全场观众热烈的掌声。接下来的表演项目- 从扬琴的明亮清脆声,到太极的 阴阳和谐及朗诵的抑扬顿挫 - 孩子们不仅展示了他们傲人的技能,同时还展示他们对传统文化的那份热情。 



中秋奔跃晚会由新跃中华学术中心举办,彩灯迷游戏奖品 由驻新加坡台北代表处赞助。


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