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New Minor On Film Studies


Do you love film? Do you love trying to figure out what films mean and what they say about us? If you do, then the Film Studies Minor is a great option for you! The multidisciplinary Film Studies Minor focuses on the artistic, narrative, socio-cultural, economic and theoretical aspects of film. That means that you'll be looking at how films are put together; you'll consider how they are artistic creations; you'll explore the meanings that they have; you'll examine them through different kinds of theoretical frameworks. In short, you'll be thinking about why films matter, which is highly relevant in today's digital world where visuals, movies, and clips abound.

Programmes with the Film Studies Minor:

  • BA English with Film Studies
  • BA Psychology with Film Studies
  • BA Sociology with Film Studies
  • BA Translation with Film Studies
  • Bachelor of Communication with Film Studies

Movie stills courtesy of mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd.
For Film Genre: Bring Back the Dead. Dir. Lee Thean-jeen, 2015. mm2 Entertainment.
For Film Theory: Long Long Time Ago 2. Dir. Jack Neo, 2016. mm2 Entertainment.
For Singapore Film in the 21st Century: Siew Lup. Dir. Sam Loh, TBC. mm2 Entertainment.
For Film in the Age of New Media: Mr Unbelievable. Dir. Ong Kuo Sin, 2015. mm2 Entertainment.

Zhao Wei Films
Movie stills courtesy of Zhao Wei Films.
For Animated Film: Tatsumi. Dir. Eric Khoo, 2011. Zhao Wei Films.
For Singapore Film 1930-2000: Mee Pok Man. Dir. Eric Khoo, 1995. Zhao Wei Films.
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