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Poetic Islands 岛屿•文学•影像

UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS) and the Chinese Division of Nanyang Technological University are proud to have Cheng Chou-yu as the key speaker in the Poetic Islands series held in The Arts House. 

The series of events was launched on 31 May 2014 beginning with a Poetic Dialogue between Cheng Chou-yu and Singaporean poets, Toh Lam Huat and Pan Cheng Lui, with Quah Sy Ren, Head, Division of Chinese, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University as the moderator. The Chamber was brimmed with some 220 young and old fans of Cheng Chou-yu, eagerly waiting to see Cheng in person and listen to his talk.

Cheng shared that his writing style has slowly evolved from 'drifting around the world' (游世) to 'curing the world' (济世). He further stated that the essence of poems has remained unchanged over the years. The only change is in the writing style. His widely popular poem, 'Mistake', penned 60 years ago, was selected in the Chinese textbooks in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. He explained the background to writing the poem and how western style elements such as syllable, setting, time passage, speaker, and theatrics were applied in writing this poem. The talk ended with Cheng reciting 'Mistake' to the full content of the audience.

The second session saw Yang Shun-ching, one of the two Executive Producers of The Inspired Island: A Series of Eminent Writes from Taiwan, sharing his experience from being the script writer in Edward Yang's film in his early years to directing his own movies and becoming the Executive Producer for The Inspired Island series. He shared many interesting behind-the-scene anecdotes in making the documentary series. This session was moderated by Foo Tee Tuan, Deputy Director, UCCS.

The day ended with the screening of Port of Mists featuring Cheng Chou-yu and Home In Two Cities featuring Lin Hai-yin in the Screening Room of The Arts House. Yang Shun-ching attended the Q&A session of Port of Mists. The other four documentaries, namely Towards The Completion Of A Poem featuring Yang Mu; The Untrammeled Traveler featuring Yu Kwang-chung; The Coming of Tulku featuring Chou Meng-tieh; The Man Behind The Book featuring Wang Wen-xin were screened over the next 3 days in the same venue.

This series of events is sponsored by Spotlight Taiwan Project (special patron Dr Samuel Yin) in collaboration with Taipei Representative Office in Singapore. The movies were also screened with the support of Fisfisa Media.

[ Watch video recording of "From A Brighter Summer Day to The Inspired Island" by Yang Shun-ching ]




郑愁予说他的诗从早期的“游世”已渐渐演变为“济世”的诗。他认为诗的本质是不会变的,改变的只是诗的表现形式。他的名诗《错误》被收录在新加坡、中国、台湾、马来西亚的华文课本里,广为传颂。郑老师以《错误》为例,解说这首诗是以衡的移植方式写成的。诗里所用的写作技巧,如音节(具音乐感的短句子)、场景(江南)、过程(马)、人称(我、你)、戏剧感(最后的问句:我不是归人, 是个过客?)都是取自西方。讲座在郑老师吟颂《错误》的朗朗声及观众带着微笑满足的心情中结束。

同一天的第二场讲座“从牯岭街到岛屿写作”的主讲嘉宾是《他们在岛屿写作》监制 杨顺清先生,由新跃中华学术中心副主任 符诗专主持。杨导演把他早期担任杨德昌导演的编剧至后来自己拍摄电影、及至担任《他们在岛屿写作》文学大师系列电影的监制的经过娓娓道来。间中所分享的拍摄花絮让演讲生色不少。

同一天的最后一项活动是在艺术之家电影室放映郑愁予特辑《如霧起時 》及林海音特辑《兩地》。杨顺清监制出席了《如霧起時 》的映后交流。《他们在岛屿写作》文学大师系列的另外4部电影《朝向一首诗的完成 》(杨牧特辑)、《逍遙遊 》(余光中特辑)、《化城再來人》(周梦蝶特辑)、《寻找背海的人》(王文兴特辑),在接下来的3天于同一个场地免费放映给观众观赏。


[ 观赏杨顺清演讲录影:从牯岭街到岛屿写作 ]

Cheng Chou-yu

Poetic Dialogue with Singaporean poets: (L to R) Cheng Chou-yu, Toh Lam Huat, Pan Cheng Lui

(L to R) Foo Tee Tuan, Toh Lam Huat, Quah Sy Ren, Cheng Chou-yu, Eddie Kuo, Pan Cheng Lui, I Lo-fen

Full-house attendance in The Chamber

Fans of Cheng Chou-yu getting their copies signed

Yang Shun-ching (R) sharing his experience as the producer with Foo Tee Tuan as the moderator

Dinner reception

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