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SASS Public Lecture: Globalisation, Culture, And Language Pedagogy/Assessment

How does globalisation affect language use and language spread, and what possible implications might the status of English as an international language have on the teaching and assessment of English?

These were just some of the questions addressed by Adjunct Professor Sandra McKay from School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) during the SASS Public Lecture on 28 August 2015. In the thought-provoking session, UniSIM staff and students, and members of the public, got to learn more about how globalisation has affected the use of English, and the need to relate English pedagogy to the cultural framework and local needs of the learner. 

In conjunction with the Public Lecture, renowned publisher Routledge was invited to showcase newly published textbooks on language and pedagogy, including Prof McKay's own Teaching and Assessing EIL in Local Contexts Around the World. 

It was truly an enjoyable session that gave participants a better understanding of how language pedagogy needs to evolve in the age of globalisation.  


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