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SBIZ Industry Speaker Talk On Cyber Security

On 28 April 2014, Captain (CPT) (NS) Ivan Tan, Regional Material and Distribution Manager, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., gave a presentation at the Security Studies Distinguished Visitor's Talk at SIM University. An Information Technology (IT) specialist by training, CPT (NS) Tan has been involved in managing IT systems over the past 20 years and is deeply associated with several intelligence agencies in Singapore.

During the talk, CPT (NS) Tan highlighted the latest developments in cyber security, including the handling of the Heartbleed bug. According to CPT (NS) Tan, the Heartbleed bug compromises certain encrypted files without a trace, rendering users of older versions of Internet search engines vulnerable to attacks over the past two years.

CPT (NS) Tan also examined how cyber crime, cyber terrorism and cyber security are related, and the ways in which private firms and organisations manage and control information on the Internet, and respond to state regulations.

The talk was chaired by Associate Professor Antonio L. Rappa, Head of the Management and Security Studies programme in the School of Business, who also commented on the links between the State and cyber security in a world of counter terrorism.

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