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SBIZ Industry Speaker Talk 'The Organisational Excellence Journey For The State Courts'

On 11 April 2014, Mr Phang Tsang Wing, Assistant Director, Organisational Excellence Unit, Strategic Planning and Technology Division of the State Courts (formerly known as the Subordinate Courts), spoke to an audience of 250 SIM University students from the Business Excellence course in the School of Business.

Mr Phang, who has been a Business Excellence (BE) assessor with SPRING Singapore since 2008, shared how the State Courts leveraged the BE framework to improve the traditionally protracted litigation process. He also revealed how the Organisational Excellence (OE) journey has been pivotal in fulfilling the State Courts' mission and vision. These concerted efforts to OE have allowed the State Courts to attain a number of prestigious local and international OE awards.

During the question-and-answer session, the students impressed Mr Phang with their astute questions. The session concluded with Mr Phang inviting them to consider joining the State Courts.


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