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SIM University Students Savour The Art Of Chinese Tea And Poetry

On 16 February 2014, students of SIM University (UniSIM) learnt about tea and ancient Chinese poetry appreciation at a seminar organised by faculty members involved in the School of Arts and Social Sciences' (SASS) Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language Education and Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature programmes. Held at Tea Chapter Restaurant in Chinatown, the seminar aimed to enrich the students' knowledge of Chinese tea through literature and brought to life the content taught on ancient Chinese literature in the programmes. 

Two of the Chinese programmes' associate faculty members, Dr Chen Po Ju and Dr Yuan Zhong, shared about Chinese tea poetry during the Tang and Song dynasties respectively, as many poems pertaining to tea culture were written by famous poets in ancient times.

It was an informative afternoon as the students learnt about the history of tea in China and the technique of brewing tea. Through this practical session, they gained a deeper appreciation of the tea culture and a learning experience that could not be replicated within the confines of a classroom.

Associate Professor Luo Futeng (1st row, 3rd from right), Head of the Chinese programmes;
Dr Yuan Zhong (1st row, 2nd from right); and Dr Chen Po Ju (2nd row, 8th from left) with the SASS students.

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