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Spotlight Taiwan Project Shines On UniSIM's Cultural China Series

With the successful application of funding from the Spotlight Taiwan Project, UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS) will be launching a series of activities related to Cultural China from October 2013 to September 2014 with a focus on Taiwan literature and films. Amongst the activities include a concert on poetry by Yu Kwang-chung, a renowned poet from Taiwan, and screening of documentary series 'The Inspired Island: A Series of Eminent Writers from Taiwan' and showcasing of a wider range of movies from Taiwan in the 2014 Singapore Chinese Film Festival.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony was held on 11 October 2013 in SIM University (UniSIM), with Representative Fadah Hsieh, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, and Professor Eddie Kuo, Director, UCCS, as signatories. Professor Kuo noted that the Taiwan cultural soft power has a huge following in Singapore. With UCCS's induction into the Spotlight Taiwan Project, he hopes that the collaboration will enhance the understanding of Taiwanese literature and films among Singaporeans.

The Spotlight Taiwan Project seeks to promote international cultural exchanges and cultivate a greater interest in and appreciation of Taiwan's culture worldwide. This is done through sponsoring leading universities and research organisations to organise activities that support the objective. The project was spearheaded by Dr Lung Ying-Tai, Minister of Culture, Taiwan, with funding donated by Mr Samuel Yin, an entrepreneur from Taiwan. UniSIM is the second tertiary institution in Singapore after Nanyang Technological University to be selected to participate in this project. The other universities that were selected for the project include University of California, Los Angeles, USA; University of London, United Kingdom; Heidelberg University, Germany.
在「台湾文化光点计划」的辅助下, 新跃中华学术中心将于今年十月至明年九月间推出「新跃文化中华系列」活动。其中与台湾文学及电影之间交流和探讨是这次合作的重点。文学方面, 先有「余光中诗与歌」活动系列, 后有「他们在岛屿写作」之相关企划。电影方面,2014年「新加坡华语电影节」也将因此得以扩大举办。 

驻新加坡台北代表处谢发达代表及新跃中华学术中心主任郭振羽教授于10月11日上午为这项为期一年的合作计划, 假新跃大学签署了文化合作备忘录。针对这一次的合作项目, 郭振羽教授表示台湾所散发的文化能量,呈现了文化中华的软实力,对许多新加坡人有极大的吸引力。该中心因此将在「台湾文化光点计划」的辅助下,扩大与台湾文化界的交流,进而推出了「新跃文化中华系列」, 期许能够深化国人对台湾文学及电影的认识。


Professor Eddie Kuo (L), Director, UCCS and Representative Fadah Hsieh (R), Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, 
holding the signed MOU.

(Left to right) Professor Kuo; Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, UniSIM; Representative Hsieh; 
Jack Kuei, Senior Assistant Director, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

A set of books and DVD series by renowned Taiwan writers received from Taipei Representative Office in Singapore.

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