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Successful Closure Of The 2014 Singapore Chinese Film Festival 第二届新加坡华语电影节圆满落幕

The 2014 Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF) ended with a rousing success on 27 April 2014 with the screening of A Touch of Sin, a crime movie directed by Jia Zhangke that won the Best Screenplay award at the Cannes film festival last year. In all, about one-third of all the sessions screened at the festival were sold out.

The festival was launched with an opening reception held at The Cathay on 17 April attended by some 200 invited guests. Professor Eddie Kuo, Director, UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies and Mr Kenneth Tan, Chairman, Singapore Film Society both gave welcome addresses prior to the screening of the opening film A Complicated Story, a Hong Kong production directed by Kiwi Chow starring Jacqueline Zhu, Stephanie Che and Jacky Cheung.


Into its second year, the festival programme has expanded in terms of quantity and quality. Movie buffs were treated to 29 feature titles and 11 short film titles this year, up from 10 feature titles last year. The selection of movies has also come from a wider region including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar.

The movies were categorised into four segments: Chinese Panorama showcases notable independent feature films from the region. Documentary Vision uncovers a growing trend to document the sociopolitical and cultural landscape in Chinese cinema. King Hu Wuxia Classics is the first retrospective programme that features 8 classics from King Hu, widely hailed as the 'Godfather' of the Wuxia genre. Chinese Shorts Showcase is another first this year that presents two omnibuses of short films from South East Asia and Greater China.

In addition to film screenings, the festival also invited filmmakers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore to take part in post-screening Q&A sessions with audiences in 13 sessions.

To add some intellectual touch to the festival and in continuation with last year's tradition, the organisers lined up two Chinese Talkies panel discussions held at the National Museum Singapore over two Saturdays. The first discussion on King Hu: The Man, His Stories and Wuxia Legacy was attended by some 80 King Hu's old and young fans. The speakers were Shih Jun, a leading man in King Hu's movies including Dragon Gate Inn, A Touch of Zen, Legends of the Mountain; Stephen Teo, Associate Professor in film studies at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and information, Nanyang Technological University; David Lee, Vice-Chairman, Singapore Film Society with Foo Tee Tuan, Deputy Director, UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies as the moderator. The Diversity and Development of Documentary Filmmaking was the second talkies session and it attracted a full house of some 300 audiences. The speakers were Chi Bo Lin, Director for Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above; Yang Li Chou, Director for The Long Goodbye and Bridge Over Troubled Water; Saw Tiong Guan, Director for Past Present. The panel was moderated by Eva Tang, Co-Director of Old Places and Old Romances.

The 2014 SCFF is co-organised by SIM University and Singapore Film Society. The festival received kind sponsorship from Spotlight Taiwan Project (Special patron Dr Samuel Yin) in collaboration with Taipei Representative Office in Singapore; Lee Foundation; Chinese Language and Culture Fund; Promote Mandarin Council; Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore.

[ Watch video recording of Chinese Talkies Panel on King Hu held on 19 April 2014 ]
[ Watch video recording of Chinese Talkies Documentary Panel held on 26 April 2014 ]




今年电影节应邀展出的的作品无论在数量或质量上都有相当程度的提升。从去年的10部长片增加至29部长 片及11部短片的规模,让影迷们大饱眼福。所放映的影片除了来自中、港、台,也包括了新加坡、马来西亚、缅甸、泰国的作品。

参展的影片共归类为四个单元:剧情长片主要集中在“华夏风情画”单元;“纪录片视角”展示了近年渐渐引起注目的华语纪录片;“经典胡金铨”呈现了武侠电影大师胡金铨导演的八部经典作品;“短片惊叹号”收录了一部短片辑及五部短片 。


延续去年的传统,今年电影节分别在两个周六假新加坡博物馆举办了两场“华语电影面对面座谈会”,为电影节添加了一丝学术气息。第一场座谈会“武侠胡金铨:其人其事其经典”邀请了胡金铨多部武侠片如《龙门客栈》、《侠女》、《山中传奇》的‘儒侠’主角石隽、南洋理工大学黄金辉传播与信息学院副教授张建德、新加坡电影协会副主席李富楠担任主讲嘉宾。由新跃中华学术中心副主任担任符诗专主持。约80名老中少武侠迷出席了这场座谈会,对胡导演的导戏生涯点滴有了更深一层的了解 。第二场座谈会“真实的多元呈现,纪录片纵横谈”全场满座,吸引了许多想一窥纪录片拍摄端倪的观众。主讲嘉宾有《看见台湾》导演齐柏林、《被遗忘的时光》及《拔一条河》导演杨力州、《昨天》导演苏宗源 ,并由《老情人》、《老地方》的联合导演邓宝翠主持。


[ 观赏4月19日华语电影面对面座谈会录影:武侠胡金铨,其人其事其经典 ]
[ 观赏4月26日华语电影面对面座谈会录影:真实的多元呈现,记录片纵横谈 ]


Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan (left) and David Lee (right) sharing King Hu Wuxia Classics at Library@Esplanade
on 6 April prior to the launch of the festival.

(From left) Professor Eddie Kuo; Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President, SIM University;
Lee Kwok Cheong, CEO, SIM Global Education; 
Fong Ngai, Director, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Singapore at the Opening Reception.

Local actresses Mindee Ong (left) and Pamelyn Chee at the Opening Reception.

Professor Eddie Kuo declaring official opening of the 2nd Singapore Chinese Film Festival.

David Lee (left) with Kiwi Chow, Director of A Complicated Story at the post-screening Q&A session.

Panelists at King Hu Talkies held on 19 April: (from left) Associate Professor Stephen Teo, Shih Jun,
Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan, David Lee.

Panelists at King Hu Talkies: (from left) David Lee, Shih Jun, Associate Professor Stephen Teo,
Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan.

'Gentleman Swordsman' Shih Jun, leading man in several King Hu's Wuxia classics.

(Far right) Representative Fadah Hsieh, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, hosting Beyond Beauty:
Taiwan From Above post-screening reception on 25 April.

(From Left) Ho Hong, Director of Doomsday Party; Tan Chui Mui, Producer of Letters From The South; Fish Liew, actress, Doomsday Party; David Lee  at the post-screening reception of Beyond Beauty: Taiwan From Above.
(左起)《末日派对》导演何康、《南方来信》监制陈翠梅、《末日派对》演员廖子妤 、

The Long Goodbye Post-screening Q&A session at The Cathay. 
(From left) Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan with Yang Li Chou, Director of The Long Goodbye.
《被遗忘的时光》映后交流: 符诗专副教授(左)、杨力州导演。

Full-house audience at Documentary Talkies Panel held on 26 April.

Panelists at Documentary Talkies: (from left) Yang Li Chou, Chi Bo Lin, Saw Tiong Guan, Eva Tang.

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