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Supreme Court Visit

On 24 September, about 20 students, instructors and staff of the BA in Translation and Interpretation (BATI) programme embarked on an exciting learning journey to the Supreme Court. 

The group first toured the Supreme Court building, learning about the past and present of the Supreme Court while enjoying a scenic view of Singapore River. They then attended a court hearing on a drug trafficking case and observed a court interpreter at work.

Following that, Mr Lim Cher Yeow and Ms Lim Puay Siang, Head and Deputy Head of the Chinese Interpreters Section, respectively, and BATI programme alumni talked to the group about their roles and functions in the administration of justice and the challenges they face as court interpreters. The students and their hosts actively participated in a role-play, which saw them interpreting simultaneously in a mock trial. In the question-and-answer session, the students had their burning questions about the job of a court interpreter answered.



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