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SUSS Lends A Helping Hand to Charities in a Joint Webinar with the Commissioner of Charities (COC)

These are unusual times. Non-profits need help as much as their beneficiaries do. Many non-profits are worried that they could no longer serve their beneficiaries as their charity pipe dries because they had to stop their fund raising activities. Many of the smaller charities had to let their staff go. Their programmes could not be run because volunteers could not turn up. Business is not the only victim of COVID-19, the social sector is, too.

But the resilient sector bounced back very soon, as many non-profits took innovative approaches and leveraged on crowdsourcing, also known as charitable crowdfunding. The Commissioner of Charities, Dr Ang Hak Seng, counseled the participants to “do the right thing, do things right, and have nothing to hide”. He presented the PARENT Framework to remind the sector about transparency and responsible practices, and most importantly of keeping the trust of the donor community.

Dr Caroline Lim, Head of Organisation & Leadership for Non-Profits Programme at the SUSS S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD) revealed that the secret is a good narrative and guided the participants on how to craft one.

Mr Chia Boon Khiang, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Branding (Director) of SATA CommHealth shared the SATA fundraising experience, Loving Heart, a VWO opened its premises for the broadcast.

Last but not least, SUSS associate Jonathan Foo, and his crew provided the technology for free. Indeed, in the spirit of the sector, there were many helping hands and no fee was charged. SUSS President, Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, together with SUSS Provost, Professor Tsui Kai Chong and Dean of NSHD, A/P Lim Lee Ching Dean, joined the 120 participants. A special guest, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu, delivered a welcome address for the 2-hour session on Saturday, 18 April 2020.

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