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UCCS' Book Launch and Public Talk


On 19 July 2015, the UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS) launched the fifth volume of the UniSIM Humanities Series, The Old Supreme and Civilised Empire: Images of Great Britain as Portrayed by Karl F. A. Gützlaff (1803-1851), which attracted some 70 attendees to the Grassroots Book Room.

In his introduction, Professor Eddie Kuo (Director, UCCS) outlined the significant contributions of Dr. Chng's research in the field of Chinese Studies in Singapore and how the new book exemplified his accomplishments. In his presentation, Dr. Chng focused on a segment of "The Old Supreme and Civilised Empire" and discussed the political discourse between the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) and the United Kingdom in the first half of the 19th Century. The event was chaired by Professor Kenneth Dean, Head of the Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore.  

The event was jointly organised by UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies (UCCS), Global Publishing and Grassroots book room. 

新跃大学新跃中华学术中心于7月19日举办了新跃人文丛书第五册《“无上”文明古国:郭实猎笔下的大英》新书发布会。当天的活动吸引了约70名观众出席。 新书发布会由新加坡国大中文系主任丁荷生教授主持,新跃中华学术中心主任郭振羽教授致词时感谢庄钦永博士用心研究完成了如此有意义的一本书。 

新跃中华学术中心兼任研究员庄钦永博士以《四不像汉译国名“大英”与鸦片战争》为题演讲, 他指出中国清朝与英国早在鸦片战争之前,就巳经发生话语权力之争,这个 “大清”与“大英”的话语权之争,最终以天朝瓦解,各国列强打开中国大门作结。演讲过后,丁荷生教授也就汉语新词与晚清翻译史与庄钦永博士对谈, 观众更踊跃发言和庄博士进行了一场有深度的交流。


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