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UniSIM Head Of Tamil Programmes And Associate Receive Lifetime Inspiring Teacher Awards

Dr K. Shanmugam, SIM University's (UniSIM) Head of the Tamil Language and Literature programmes in the School of Arts and Social Sciences; and Dr M. Rajikannu, an associate in UniSIM's Bachelor of Arts in Tamil Language and Literature programme, have been presented with the distinguished Lifetime Inspiring Teacher Awards by Singapore's Tamil-language daily Tamil Murasu.

The "Most Inspiring Tamil Teachers" Award Ceremony, held on 5 September 2015 at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre Auditorium, recognised a total of 14 Tamil teachers for making a difference in the lives of students through the teaching of the language. Into its 13th year, the ceremony honours the very best in the Tamil teaching community.

Dr Shanmugam and Dr Rajikannu, who received their awards together with Dr K. Rasappan, Senior Assessment Specialist at the Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board, were nominated by the Singapore Tamil Teachers' Union for having dedicated their prime years to the Tamil teaching profession. They each received a trophy and cash award of S$1,000.

The event also saw teachers from the primary, secondary and junior colleges being presented with the Most Inspiring Tamil Teacher Awards. They were chosen from more than 100 nominations, in the form of essays, from their students – both current and former, parents and colleagues, as well as endorsements from their school principals. Two teachers also won the Most Inspiring Trainee Teacher Awards, following nominations by the National Institute of Education.

Dr Shanmugam said: "I am truly grateful to be recognised and presented with this award for doing what I’ve always dreamt of and enjoy doing, and that is teaching and spreading the Tamil language to as many people as possible. It is already such a privilege to still be able to do so here at UniSIM."

(From left) Dr Shanmugam; Mr J. Rajendran, Editor, Tamil Murasu; Dr Rajikannu; 
Mr S. Chandra Das, Chairman, Tamil Murasu; and Dr K. Rasappan.

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