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UniSIM Organises 'Can You Be A Simultaneous Interpreter?' Workshop

On 16 May 2014, the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) at SIM University (UniSIM) held a field trip and workshop titled 'Can you be a Simultaneous Interpreter?' for participants of the annual Singapore International Translation Symposium (SITS). The session was organised to celebrate the opening of UniSIM's state-of-the-art interpretation laboratory.

During the workshop, Mr Lee Hui Huan – one of Singapore's most respected names in conference interpreting work – demonstrated how simultaneous interpretation is done using Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech. Following that, the participants moved into the interpreting booths within the laboratory to try their hands at simultaneous interpretation. At the end of the session, Ms Susan Xu, SASS' Head of Translation and Interpretation programme, spoke about the options available to those who wished to embark on a career in simultaneous interpretation.

Most of the participants, which included civil servants, artists and entrepreneurs, as well as Mr Henry Liu, Vice President, International Federation of Translators, who were visiting UniSIM for the first time, were very impressed by the facilities on campus.

The SITS was held on 16-17 May 2014 at The Arts House, with the objectives to raise awareness of the work done by translators and promote cross-pollination of ideas and best practices among those whose work involves translation, such as writers, artists and publishers. This year's session – the second to be held – had special significance as it followed the formation of the National Translation Committee, which is chaired by Ms Sim Ann, Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, and Ministry of Education.

(Front row, 2nd from left) Mr Lee Hui Huan, Ms Susan Xu and Mr Henry Liu with the symposium participants.

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