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UniSIM Part-time Programmes Student Orientation (Jul 2014)


July 2014 Student Orientation's theme was Lego. Lego, which originated from the Danish word Leg Godt in the 1950s, means to "play well" The theme highlighted how the students would attain a sound education in UniSIM, which is a pivotal building block to becoming an accomplished learner.

Our students were warmly welcomed by their respective School Deans; followed by sessions with their respective Head of Programmes, who briefed them on the programme's learning objectives and prepared them for their upcoming learning journey with UniSIM. A Campus Tour, led by Student Suppport staff, was also arranged to orientate the students around the University campus. 

One of the highlights was the Coffee tête-à-tête. session at the Atrium, where students had the opportunity to mingle with the University's management, faculty members, and their fellow course-mates. The Atrium was also lined up with informative booths such as the 'E-Learning' booth to familiarise students with MyUniSIM (Blackboard) - the learning management system for students; and the 'Building Blocks' booth for students to access the Student Portal and clarify any doubts with Student Support staff. Students also collected their Student card on the same day. 

The atrium was abuzz with lively energy, chats and laughter between faculty and students which spoke of the new friendships forged over the drinks session;friends who will be journeying together at UniSIM.

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