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UniSIM Students Win Awards At 'Dream Future' Envisioning Forum

SIM University (UniSIM) students Phyllis Hui (part-time student, Communication) and Nitish Kumar Singh (full-time student, Finance), have done the University proud by being named "Best Presenter" in their respective sessions at the 'Dream Future' Envisioning Forum, held on 4 July 2015 at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

The forum is the first of three projects planned for SG50 under SG100 COMPASS (Conversations on Measures of Progress for our Aspirational Singapore Society) (Youth Edition) organised by the Association for Public Affairs (APA) – a student association of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at National University of Singapore.

UniSIM was represented at the forum by Phyllis, Nitish and Saiyidah Sainal (full-time student, Marketing), who were chosen by APA to present their ideas on policy-making in Singapore. They were among the select few to be given the opportunity to express their aspirations for national progress, articulate the outcomes they hoped to see, discuss the values and potential trade-offs to support these outcomes, and suggest ways to measure the progress towards these outcomes.

Through feedback provided by guest panellists, the participants were able to broaden the discussion and explore further possibilities related to their topics. The key takeaway from the forum was that the implementation of effective policies would be successful only if everyone worked collectively towards the goal of sustainable development.

Phyllis and Nitish were presented with their awards by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress. 

Phyllis shared that her participation in this project has allowed her to widen her network and improve her presentation skills, which are essential for her communication studies. She added that she was able to apply what she had learnt at UniSIM – understanding the profile of the audience and knowing how to appeal to their emotions – to convince others of her argument that social assistance should be provided only to the poor.

The forum participants cheering "The future depends on youth" after Minister Chan launched the SG100 road map,
marking the start of the programme.

Phyllis presenting her standpoint on extending social assistance to the most needy.

(From top) Phyllis and Nitish receiving their awards from Minister Chan.

Saiyidah receiving her certificate of appreciation from Minister Chan.

Nitish (third from left) with fellow UniSIM full-time students
(from left) Bryan, Fang Boon, Joseph, Jasmin and Jeannette who were there to lend their support.

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