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UniSIM Ties Up With Nanyang Confucian Association For Sponsorship Scheme

On 29 July 2015, SIM University (UniSIM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nanyang Confucian Association (NCA) to provide scholarships to deserving students in UniSIM's Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature programme.

The Kongzi Culture Fund Scholarship, which is sponsored by the Kongzi Culture Fund Ltd established by NCA, aims to reward students who attain excellent results in Chinese Philosophy (Confucianism) and Literature. Sixteen UniSIM students will benefit from this four-year scheme, with four students receiving the scholarships per academic year at the NCA annual dinner held to commemorate the birth of Confucius.

In addition to sponsoring the scholarships, the Kongzi Culture Fund Ltd will also provide opportunities to the awardees to join in activities that serve society, and establish a platform for learning and interaction.

The signatories of the MOU were Associate Professor Genice Ngg, Dean of the School of Arts and Social Sciences at UniSIM; and Mr Kek Boon Leong, President of NCA and Chairman of the Kongzi Culture Fund Ltd.

In her address, Associate Professor Ngg highlighted that UniSIM strives to provide a unique learning experience that produces graduates with social consciousness, practical learning skills and a passion for lifelong learning. On behalf of UniSIM, she expressed hope to work together with NCA – a renowned association in Singapore with a history of 100 years – to promote scholars who excel in the fields of Chinese Philosophy (including Confucianism), Chinese History, Chinese Culture and Chinese Literature, and to encourage students in these fields to actively pursue their passion.

In his address, Mr Kek shared that NCA is happy to provide scholarships to UniSIM's Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature programme students as the University's Chinese programmes have contributed greatly to and developed many scholars for Singapore's Chinese education sector. In addition, Mr Kek mentioned that NCA will explore the possibility of extending scholarships to UniSIM's Master and PhD students, and working with UniSIM to co-organise academic seminars, activities and visits to historical and cultural sites.

Mr Kek Boon Leong and Associate Professor Genice Ngg exchanging the signed documents.

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