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Western Calligraphy Workshop For UniSIM's Students

On 7 March 2015, Dr Ludwig Tan, Vice-Dean of SIM University's School of Arts and Social Sciences, conducted a beginner's workshop on western calligraphy for students. 

Dr Tan gave the participants a brief history on how the italic style of calligraphy arose in Italy in the early 1500s. This italic style, which is considered one of the most beautiful calligraphic styles, is simple to write because its letter-forms are familiar to most people. It can be written both as formal calligraphy and as everyday handwriting, making it a very practical style to learn.

Dr Tan then taught the students the basics of writing, such as the correct way to hold the pen, making basic shapes with it, and then combining these shapes into letters and numerals. He told the students that calligraphy is both art and science, a combination of aesthetics and logic. Calligraphy is one of the most accessible art forms, and lends a personal touch to invitations, letters, greetings cards, decorative envelopes, posters, maps, class notice boards, scrapbooks, and many other uses.

The students gave positive feedback after the two-hour lesson and shared that they had a good time learning the finer arts of calligraphy.

Students concentrating on their calligraphy writing.

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