SUSS-Cranfield University Partnership

SUSS-Cranfield University Partnership

Cranfield University (CU), a wholly postgraduate university in UK, is well-known internationally for its established aerospace and aviation programmes. Our partnership with CU will ensure that the programme's academic quality is met.

Students of BEng Aerospace Systems programme can look forward to an enriching programme which draws courses and expertise from CU. During the programme, all students will spend one week at CU, where students are taken up on a flight sortie in a customized Jetstream 31 airplane to learn to evaluate flight performance of an aircraft. The other parts of the programme cover aspects of wind tunnel testing, airport operations, accident and emergency handling, accident investigation and the effects of bird strikes on aircraft in flight, all taught by academic staff from CU.

* On 17 March 2017, SIM University (UniSIM) was renamed Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) as part of its re-structuring to become a Singapore autonomous university.

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