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Accomplished Collaboration

P.I.A.G.E.T Academy

P.I.A.G.E.T Academy’s rich heritage dates back to 2001 when Mr William and Daisy Yiu, their young family in tow, realised that the traditional educational model was not preparing children adequately for the rapidly changing world. The transformation of this inspiration into reality set in motion the establishment of a unique educational model with deep roots in Academic Excellence, through strong two-way partnerships with leading Singaporean Governmental and Educational Institutions, complimented with a parallel Character Programme seeded through the tenet of providing real world experiences to students of all ages.

Today, twenty years later, National High in Jakarta and Singapore National Academy in Surabaya are leading the way in 21st Century Education, providing joy, academic achievement and a strong sense of self to thousands of kids each year and matriculating students into top University’s around the world. Most important of all, P.I.A.G.E.T Academy is fulfilling it’s Vision and Mission through Education into ‘Making the World a Better Place’.

On 10 February 2020, SUSS and P.I.A.G.E.T Academy signed an Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on various mutually beneficial educational initiatives, projects and/or activities. The first such collaborative activity will be to develop a pre-school curriculum for Early Childhood Education based on Singapore standards and requirements which the Academy can implement in its schools in Indonesia.

Singapore University of Social Sciences

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